WaterSeer Collects Drinkable Water From Air Without External Power
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WaterSeer Collects Drinkable Water From Air Without External Power

WaterSeer Collects Drinkable Water From Air Without External Power

Over 2.2 billion people around the world don’t have clean water. Even for the undrinkable and polluted water, they have to walk for kilometers away to stay alive. Every 90 seconds a child dies because of the lack of clean drinking water, which means 1000 children every day.

WaterSeer hopes to be that life-saving solution. It works without using any external power supply while pulling around 37 liters of clean drinking water in a day from the air.

The magic of WaterSeer starts after installing the device around 6 feet under the ground. This allows the metal sides to be cool by surrounding soil. Wind turbines spin internal blades which push the air into a condensation chamber. The warm air cools, creating condensation which runs down the sides into the collection chamber.

Given the harrowing statistics about water scarcity, this innovation is literally a life saver. WaterSeer might change the billions of lives, just by installing the system.

The company is running an IndieGoGo campaign to manufacture the WaterSeer within the next year. By paying at least $134 for pre-order, you are receiving a fully manufactured one to produce your own water

With each purchase of WaterSeer, another will be donated to a location experiencing water shortage. While you use your WaterSeer to garden, someone elsewhere in the globe is using it to survive.

If you are wondering about if air pollution is affecting the water or not; the answer easy;
“The water that condenses from the air using WaterSeer is pure, distilled water without impurities. It is cleaner than rainwater, which catches particulates as it falls to the ground. As pure, distilled water, it is cleaner than tap water without any additives, impurities, or chemicals of any kind. Besides, in the current design concept, we use a filter to keep debris and insects from falling into the device. The WaterSeer condensation chamber below ground is inserted in a sleeve so it is easily removable for inspection and cleaning. Field tests showed the water collected to be virtually free of particulates over a one week period, and cleaner than rainwater in terms of pollutants and pathogens.”

To see the research, design reports, and get further information, you can visit their website here.

Via: WaterSeer





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