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Practical involvement

In today’s competitive world, theoretical knowledge is not enough to get you far. Instead it is just a base. People prefer a more practical knowledge that would help an individual perform better in field. This is in fact considered to be as important part of one’s education as the clearing of exams to attain a degree.

For the benefit of our students we organize field or industrial visits for them to enhance their learning experience by witnessing the happening of their subjects on ground. These field or industrial visits give each student the chance to interact with highly trained and proficient personnel of their respective field to get a firsthand experience on the working of it.

Industrial Visits that improve aptitude

We organize industrial visits for all our students in big firms, industries and organizations to add to their learning. Also, we have several tie ups with both national and international industrial firms or organizations that let the students and us to understand their functioning and develop a learning experience from the visit.

The type of industrial visit largely depend up on your chosen field and area of expertise such as a management diploma holder would be encouraged to visit a multi-national corporate company to understand it better. These field visits can range between one to ten days depending upon the requirement of the company

Fun while learning

These field visits are not restricted to a certain sect of the classroom. Instead it is a planned activity in which the entire bunch of student is encouraged to take part to support maximum learning and benefit.

So, all you have to do is enroll yourself and let us find a suitable industrial visit for you to help you gain a first-hand learning experience by glancing into the functioning of several big and small companies.


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