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Fests signify the environment of festivities around the student that are well organized with much deliberation. It is the most awaited event of the college life that not allows the students to enjoy the festivity but also exhibit their inborn talents and network for a brighter future ahead.

But, with all the fun and frolic come the responsibility and the long array of tasks associated with organizing it. The task involves many small tasks such as…

A well thought of event plan has to be made that consists of all the events that would publicize the skills of the students and helps them get handpicked by the reputed companies and organizations. All events have to well manage and planned to execute them with perfection.


Sponsors are the investors that play a crucial role organizing the event. The sponsor help raise funds for the over head costs involved in the organizing of the event along with effectively publishing their brand in the market between the targeted audiences.

This targeted audience is mostly the youth as they play a strong role by contributing in the development and growth of industry. Also, the company’s desires talented and hardworking youth for recruiting purposes.

Sponsorship can deliver increased awareness, brand building and propensity to purchase, it is different from advertising. Unlike advertising, sponsorship can not communicate specific product attributes. Nor can it stand alone, as sponsorship requires support elements.


Marketing is an important parts any public event for better response. There are several ways the marketing to increase the fan following.

  • Linking/Marketing with Social Media

The first tool is the most effective one as well. Most people from all age groups are well connected through social media and the information travels fastest through this mode.

  • Online Marketing

Placing advertisements on important websites helps publicize the event as online networking is one of the most powerful hi-tech and famous tool among the masses from all generations.

  • Banners/ Hoarding

Banners and hoardings reveal the right amount of information and spread the word effectively in the public domain.

  • Merchandise

T-shirts, mugs, hand and head bands are just some of the possible ways of merchandise marketing. They are often a raging craze among the college students and help in publishing the event in the most effective manner.

  • College Marketing

Interaction between students of different colleges helps spread the word. College to college marketing is an essential form as it allows maximum popularity among the masses.

  • Leaflets/ Handouts

The handouts are an effective marketing strategy that helps in delivering the message between the college students and faculties. The handouts contain the essential content in a more precise format to deliver the most relevant and important information to grab the attention of the targeted audience.

  • Websites and Mobile App Designing

Websites and mobile apps can be designed two conquer two forts at once. It is one of the greatest ways to publicize the event and ones skills as well. This also helps in adding an effective skill to one’s CV as well for future benefits. Web and app designing is an important professional skill in the corporate industry.


Workshops help impart relevant information to the targeted audience. These workshops also help the student network and find sponsor for the event.
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Guests, celebrities and judges

The guest list has to be carefully devised to include all the important people to the event. The judges for various events should be experts of the field and celebrity events add to the glamour of the fest. Including celebrities to fest’s guest list also helps advertise and popularize the event.


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