10 type of students you will find in Engineering College
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10 type of students you will find in Engineering College

10 type of students you will find in Engineering College


The Scholar

You know about this type since your school days , you can spot him easily on the first day of college : Answering all the questions coming from the teacher, performing every practical with diligence and completing all assignments way before the deadline. The Scholar’s hard work earns him all the trust and respect from the teachers .The teachers already know that the assignments of most of the students are ‘inspired’ from his work. Library , Reference book ,Topper, Organized, Sincere, Distinction , A+ are the words closely related to The Scholar. Got stuck at a problem? Wanna verify your answers? Don’t know which is the best book to read for a certain topic ? You know whom to ask !

Sorry guys , I can’t bunk this important lecture

Mr. ExtraCurricular

That one guy you will see in nearly all of your college events. Organizing , performing , promoting or whatever may be the activity but this guy HAS to be a part of an event. For him, multitasking is the way of life. You feel jealous about how he can get away with bunking a few lectures under the excuse of ‘college work’ but respect him for the work he does so responsibly.

Count me in !

The Job Centric

He is the most Career focused person you have ever met ! You will find him participating in any event that gives him a certificate . All his efforts are focused on one thing – ‘building a strong resume’. And it involves amassing all the technical knowledge he can, being aware of the needs of the industries, getting numerous certifications accordingly and scoring well in the exams too! You think such a thing is not humanly possible but this machine of a man is doing it! If one fine day you hear him being placed in a Dream Company , you won’t be surprised because you think he deserves it.

Bas ek baar Google mein job lag jaye

The Higher studies guy

This guy had planned about his higher studies even before his admission in Engineering itself. How to spot an MBA, M.E. or M.S. aspirant ? He stays cool whenever the teacher uses the ‘P’ word to raise concern among students. He may sit for the Placements but only for the offer letter and not the job.

Main nahi aa sakta yaar , CAT/GRE ka class hai mera

The Jugaad guy

He doesn’t know how to perform the practical but is successful in coming up with the required output every single time ! It is an open secret that most of the time he outsources his work , but there is no way to prove it. The situation where even The Scholar fails The Jugaad guy can come up with the solution. He has mastered the art of passing with little or no studying. You call him a wizard but he will tell you he just evolved to ensure his survival.

 I didn’t choose the Jugaad life, the Jugaad life chose me

Apna Bhai

Your bestie, partner in crime and saviour a.k.a your bhai . He has a significant role in the completion of lot of your assignments (don’t ask me how) . Hard topics become easy to understand if bhai is explaining them. Pens, assignment sheets , stapler and pins , those extra marks in tests,proxies etc. are just few of the numerous things you owe him.

Bhai is love , bhai is life.

Tension mat le … bhai hai na tera

Hostel Waala

One or two weeks in college and you have made a good number of friends and acquaintances. But wait , this one guy managed to make like hundreds of them ! Reason – He is a hostelite .Living among the fellow hostelite juniors and seniors, the hostel waala is always updated about the happening s of the college. You expect him to go rampant as he is not under parental supervision . But soon you realize that there is a social construct and code of conduct among the hostelites .Legend says the digestive system of the hostel waala can adapt itself to eating instant noodles 7 days a week ,but he will never miss opportunity to eat ‘Ghar ka khaana’. Psst …Your tiffin is being watched.

Aaj tiffin mein kya laya ?

The Helpful Senior

Life in engineering is tough but if you got some friends from the higher classes it can become a lot easier .Enter The Helpful Senior, the guy who has already been there and done that. The wisdom and the insights this veteran provides makes a huge difference.

Consider yourself lucky if you get to know one.

Second-hand books chahiye?

The Blue moon

This one guy in your class is rarely seen in the college . You think his life is a terrible mess but you can’t understand how this guy can still play it cool . The only memories you have of him are when he tried to attend a lecture and teacher scolded him, when he was asked to go to the Principal’s office and the day when his parents were called.

Bhai mera proxy lagayega?

Startup Waala

This guy probably has more technical knowledge than the best teacher in college, he is perhaps the best coder out there , he is what the whole class calls pure Genius. The most shocking thing is none of it is in concord with the marks he gets in the exams.

For him the basic 9 to 5 job is a curse , he would rather like to do 24hrs of what he loves. He is well aware of the terms of the startup- world. He must have made a Steve jobs, Bil Gates , Rahul Yadav etc. reference on facebook at least once.

This syllabus is obsolete man !

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